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Why Deluxe shootevent?

Professional organization


We organize the whole package for participators with a high-end event all included with professional models, makeup artist, technical coaches, food, accommodation.

Interesting and reasonable planning and schedule.

At the same time we listen with all our heart to participator's creative ideas. Help with all our effort to achieve their goals. We will try our best to find a solution for any questions no matter regards technical problems or communication skills with models.

Fabulous Location

We chose the most splendid and breathtaking locations which will make your image beyond ordinary.

For the first edition, the event will take place in chateau Dareyt which located in the north side of Pyrenees national park. Participators do not only have access to the chateau itself along with a outdoor swimming pool but also  the beautiful green nature and landscape around it. image yourself wake up with the singing of bird and start your shooting day with 4 gorgeous models. more pictures&details below.

Expressive Models 

Some people define models as tall slim girls with pretty face.

While some others define models as unique expressive woman who can look through your lens and pass their emotions through the image.

We don't chose our models by their size or race. For us we want all the photographers go back with living pictures, images with hearts. Than just photos with beautiful models on.

Take a while to think which type of photos you want before joining us!

Deluxe is made for ...?

Want to join us?

The shoot-event is made for photographers of all level, whether you are an amateur, an industry professional or even specialize in an entirely different field.

As long as you are into outdoor/indoor Portrait&Beauty&Glamour photography, and you would like to make progress in your workflow, or just simply want to create stunning images during the event.

We hope you are someone that are open-minded, willing to meet with other creative people, exchange ideas, share your opinions, and enjoy a fun&productive time all together.

We keep our group  small and exclusive, which means there is enough time and space during the shooting for everybody, models and photographers will be divided into 2-3 groups, and make switches to make sure everyone get a chance to work with different models in different themes.

Our event is also family friendly if you want to bring your partner and kids to spend some quality time together after the event, however all the costs will be on your own charge.

Deluxe is not for ...

Please be aware the event is only for people and artist that are respectful for themselves and others, it is definitely has nothing to do with dating or love matching.

We have had enough shocking scandals in the world of photography, about professional photographers commit criminal acts towards their models.

People with dirty mind will NOT be accepted no matter how wealthy they are or how talented they are in their work, as at our event being respectful&responsible is beyond everything. Morality before capability!

We want to provide a cool environment where the models will feel safe and comfortable. They all have their own limits please respect and not push any further.

Meet Our Team

Click on their pictures to see their work <3








Model&Event manager

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