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Photographer-Coach photo

(Fuji user)

Photographerand Graphic Designer based in Brussels. 

He usually works in corporate, architecture,studio portraits, stars restaurants culinary photography, But his favourite playground is still natural light with professional modelsand of course with the help of his good friend Fujifilm Camera.

If you like to discover with him how to create stunning sensual shots, butat the same time still social media friendly ;) then you found the right specialist! 

Backstage of his first 3 workshops-Click on  the pictures :)

1st edition, Oct. 23th 2016

2nd edition, Nov. 27th 2016

3nd edition, March 19th 2017

Ryad Guelmaou

Ryad Guelmaou-Guest speaker

(Sony user)

Photographer, art director, film maker and digital influencer based inParis. 

He work with brands in different fields: Fashion, commercial, hotel, travel, urban. He has worked for bands such as Sony,  Eastpak, Daniel wellington, G-shock, Orange, Lowepro, and Herschel.

He is also brand ambassador for Samyang. So do not miss the chance to exchange with him.



(Belgian Model)



(Chinese Model)

Another model might be booked if there are more than 10 participants

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